The International Music Programme

The International Music Programme’s logotype in connection with support and contributions

The International Music Programme's logotype in connection with support and contributions consists of the short version of the International Music Programme's logotype, in Swedish as well as in English. When used for acknowledging support, the logotype must always be accompanied by the sender text (see below).

Logotype rules for the International Music Programme


In terms of size, the logotype may not be smaller than 3.5 mm for the diameter of the circle shape in the logo. If it is set any smaller, it will be difficult to read. For websites and screens (TV, video, projection, etc.) it is important to ensure that the logotype is given a size that makes it easily readable irrespective of the chosen media.


The logotype may be placed wherever you like on a surface. However, make sure that it has enough space around it to make it easily noticeable. A good idea is to use the circle in the logotype as your guiding point for surrounding surface area.

Sender text

For summaries in text form providing information on partners/contributors, acknowledgements, etc., the International Music Programme’s support is stated: “With support by the International Music Programme”. Example: This performance has been produced with support by the International Music Programme, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Music Programme for Music Artists.


As far as possible, the logotype shall be reproduced in black on a white background irrespective of whether the media used is colour or black-and-white. For external use, i.e., when the logotype is featured in publications sponsored by the International Music Programme (posters, book projects, websites and such), the logotype may be placed on a coloured background or image. However, always obtain the approval of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee/the International Music Programme before doing this.